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Venture Catalyst
Scaling impact that matters.

What gets me up in the morning

Building outstanding brands that capture our imagination

Brands create experiences that are unique and memorable. Brands that speak about sustainability, their impact and what they want to aspire.

Innovation in health, food and agriculture

My passion is to create healthy lifestyles. I am also very much involved in agriculture and food tech ecosystems.

Ambitious entrepreneurs and mindful projects

The unsung heroes, the misfits. The trouble makers. The people who go out of the comfort zone to build great things, who dare and take risks to have impact.

I am a Venture Catalyst and New Thinker

  • Help create order and structure
  • Reflexion and thought leadership
  • Innovate together, unhinged by fear and conformity
  • Shape strategy: deploying great plans that make sense and are shared with enthusiasm
  • Fascinate with lively and active communication

My WHY is “Mindful Enterprise” – with inspiration and conviction I want to enable and transform meaningful new ideas and projects. This means:


All senses turned on, I want to think ahead, discover, take opportunities and inspire myself and others


To respect myself and others with openness. To listen, understand needs and to have confidence in myself and others.


To expect great things. See challenges as opportunities. To act decisively. To be resilient. To pivot, often, in order to succeed.

I am in my "genius zone"
in the following roles


I am working in sustainable finance alternative investments. My focus is venture capital funds and tech, but I am also working on new vehicles with complex structures and impact.


I love to design growth plans and strategies for great ideas. Work with mission driven people who share the same values. Help turn vision into reality and turn a first concept into something concrete.  UF Purpose.


I advise investors, entrepreneurs & boards on a long-term strategy and executional plans.

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