Inspiration List – Ideas that get me up in the morning and inspire me!

Hopefully for a very long time, I am going to add new things here. It’s a sign my head is still full of new ideas and inspirations. Things that get me up in the morning, and I hope for you too!

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Many thanks for posting your suggestions to me as well! Be inspired!

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Algebra of Happiness

I haven’t finished it yet, but I know I like it. Scott Galloway’s larger than life character can sometimes get into the way, but his messages are resonating.



The following link is an email newsletter from a Phili-based VC who is very avid reader (two-three books a week!) on non-fiction topics. I am not as fast and won’t pretend I can catch up with all readings, but still like to follow the recommendations.


Creative Genius

This is such a wonderful TED talk for all people who create, struggle and love “in their zone of genius” but are not always find the right answer to explain why the do what they do.


The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership details the paradigms of sustainable wellbeing. It’s all in the head, folks. This book has been guiding my morning routine of taking notes and reflecting for a few weeks.

Company Culture

Beyond Measure: The Big Impact of Small Changes” by Margaret Heffernan (Author of “the Superchicken”) is a true treasure for those who want to re-connect with their leadership purpose.

Climate Change

To be honest, I couldn’t finish the book “Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future” because it got too depressive going through it all at once. It’s a very fact-based and dense reading about what’s happening.







Amazing things will happen if we as for it! This is the simple but powerful message in this wonderful TEDx talk. We all depend on each others dreams.


Innovation Capital

How to compete and win like the most innovative leaders“. A good, step-by-step guide how to plot your innovation capital and reputation as an entrepreneur. Exhibit scrapiness!






Money and capitalism have a mostly positive connotation for me, so I was very pleased to discover the invisible in  “Moneyland: Why Thieves and Crooks now rule the world and how to take it back“, where the financial offshore world is laid out pretty ugly before our eyes.

Money II

The book “Kopf, Geld, Jadg” (German for Head, Money, Hunt) is probably not for everybody, but for folks who like crime stories (read: hedge funds) and the exposure of greed and capitalism, it’s an entertaining read of what can go wrong, will go wrong if you don’t have the right moral compass.



Never Split the Difference!” A former FBI special agent shares his insights into winning negotiations tactics such as mirroring. Don’t tell your friends your are reading this.




Tim Jacksons Book about Prosperity without Growth is a killer read, and I can highly recommend it. Read my short blog article in case you want to take a preview.

Product Market Fit I

Twelve things about product-market fit” by VC firm Andreessen Horowitz is simply the best starting point into the topic.

Product Market Fit II

“If the customer does not scream, you don’t have product-market fit”. Well, folks, then I guess we have to start digging into this podcast hosted by Tim Ferris, where he talks with Andy Rachleff (Benchmark Capital, Wealthfront) about how to reach it.

Product Market Fit III

I came across this very interesting article about product/market fit and how to quantify it. There is a very interesting follow-on article on Medium here that goes with it.


Success I

This is a great TED talk from Alain de Botton about how we should redefine our notions of success or simply the lack thereof.

Success II

What got you here won’t get you there” is a classic read for all leaders, coaches and people who strive for personal development.


Simply summarised, Stoicism is about “what is in your way, will be your way”. I’m sure stoic philosophy should be reconsidered in post-modern times as a real guide to happiness and fulfilment. This book details stoic morals and how to enable yourself to see your way more clearly.



Theory of Change

The farnam street newsletter as well as their podcast “The Knowledge Project” is a most recent discovery. I just got off the No 69. podcast with Stephen Schwarzman What it Takes.



Venture Capital

The book “Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital – and How to Get it” is less a secretive revelation but more of a clear and compelling narrative how VC’s tick. Favourite Quote: “Founders set the valuation, VC’s the terms”. Yup!



In his book “Destined for War: Can America and China avoid Thucydides Trap” Prof. Graham Allison details the war between Sparta and Athens, an incumbent power and it’s upcoming opponent. If you like strategy (game theory), history and philosophy, this book will give you all you are looking for.

Winston Churchill

An audible biography about the man who coined the most memorable phrases and speeches and how he came about his career as a politician.

Warren Buffet

Another great audible biography about Warren Buffet. After listening to this audio for probably more than 40 hours, you start to become so intimately familiar with this legendary investor – it’s almost you are friends. Great voice too. Highly recommended while driving or having your head free.